Monday, September 18, 2017

Best stain 'remover' ever! - Tie dye day @ Camp Cornell

Do your kids trash their clothes? Mine do! My kids are able to trash their clothes in a record few seconds. I have no idea how they do it! Sometimes it's a super bummer because it's a really cute fitting top or something brand new. Most stains don't come off especially the really bad I just tie dye everything that is just lightly stained to give it a new lease on life, ha! My kids both love all their tie dye dye pieces and this process is much better than having to throw clothing away (Salvation Army won't take stained clothing) and buying new pieces! My kids usually help so this hack doubles as an activity as well. If I don't feel like spending the money on an expensive craft store kit I just use kool-aid with a splash of white vinegar and that method works as well if not better than the fancy kits... it's nearly free...the Dollar Tree carries both the white vinegar and the small packs of kool-aid. So you can transform a pile of lightly stained clothes for just a few dollars! The best! If you buy a kit from a big box craft store make sure you use a coupon to save 1/2 the price! Oh and FYI wear latex gloves when you tie dye! BIG mistake if you don't! #learnedthehardway

Here is what the finished product looks like! 😘🤗🤓

Saying Goodbye to Bennys here in Rhode Island

So we all heard the news last week...our dearly beloved Benny's store chain will be closing forever in just a few months! It is the end of an era....but with everything sad there is always a silver lining..... and in this case it's SALES! Do your Christmas shopping NOW at Benny's and save big parents! Lego kits are 20% off which is a great deal because Lego brand really never goes on sale. Save up to 40% NOW on Benny's goodness while it lasts! I don't think there are any Benny's shirts or hats left as they are sold out, and if you don't 'get it' don't worry it's a Rhode Island thing!

We will miss you Benny's!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Johnston Rhode Island Apple Festival - Free Event 🍎🍏🍎🍏

The Johnston Apple Festival this weekend did not disappoint! Our kids had SO MUCH FUN! The festival itself takes place at Johnston Memorial Park which is littered with beautiful playgrounds, and amazing military memorabilia including tanks and cannons. The park even includes a baseball field which makes this festivals location absolutely ideal. The festival is adorned with mom and pop homemade goods from knits to fudge, farms, 'mom gig' vendors, churches, realtors, extra large blow up play grounds with slides, a mechanical bull, pony rides for just $5.00, food trucks, Dels Lemonade, and dozens of local companies handing out fun freebies. Our kids each left with a large goodie swag bag filled with squishy balls, pens, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, pencils, whistles, balloons, and let's just say LOTS of loli pops! The fair had a Build a Bear copy cat booth where you could make your own bear which was a monster hit with my kids. That part of the festival was definitely NOT free I think we spent $24.00 for two stuff your bears 😂😣! They both went crazy over the stuff your own bears. After leaving the festival we stopped at Rhode Island icon Luigi's in Johnston (Jack and Katie both insisted on building their bears @ Luigi's 😂) to indulge in some homemade mac and cheese and chicken noodle soup. It was a perfect day in the sweet town of Johnston Rhode Island! We loved it! We may or may not have come home with a homemade apple pie ☺! If you didn't make the apple festival this year, mark your calendars for next year! Extremely affordable  (free) family FUN!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Air Force One Experience FREE for New Englanders!

Are you looking for a once in a lifetime educational experience for your family? One that is FREE for a limited time only? The Air Force One Experience is letting 5,000 New Englanders tour their state of the art exact replica of Air Force One (JFK era) before it leaves to its permanent rotating homes in Washington DC and NYC. We are lucky in Rhode Island to get this inaugural opportunity because it was built/refurbished here in Quonsett Park across from Electric Boat! We will have this gem here for another few weeks...don't miss your chance to walk the rooms and hallways of this magnificent fun! Camp Cornell is going tomorrow and will post photos after.

Little Rhody does it again!

UPDATE! OMG what an experience!

The AF1 experience has had interest beyond all expectations! If you would like to go....get on it...will be gone before we know it and the free tickets are going FAST! I loved seeing JFK's motorcade car..and the gift shop is adorable! For anyone who LOVES our country this is a MUST SEE! The exibit is not totally complete but it's close! My guess is that the real AF1 is a little but more luxurious (just a guess) but close enough and this is a 10 on the educational experience scale! WOW!

The concept behind this exhibit and project is to encourage our youth to become involved in their country, voting and politics.

PS I didn't plan Jacks Patriots jersey! Today was sports day at his school and du.....of course he going to wear a Patriots jersey on sports day! Well played though.....I have to admit! Ha!

Here is the link and info!

New to East Greenwich Rhode Island

Holla! My two favorite towns in Rhode Island are Barrington and East Greenwich....and East Greenwich just scored two great new businesses! Teddy Bearskins moved from Barrington, and KidZone moved from North Kingstown! What a score for EG! The new Teddy Bearskins is amazing with a small play area for children to play while parents shop for toys, upscale kids clothes and more... we can't wait for KidsZone to open soon so we can have so much fun playing in their indoor neato playground!!! Both of these places are a splurge...KidZone charges a modest entry fee to play...and Teddy Bearskins is basically Neiman Marcus for kids! Save both for a special day to indulge!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cheapest Chicken in Rhode Island!

I loathe grocery coupons. I love living frugally but refuse to spend endless hours (that don't exist) cutting coupons because the ROI on money saved versus time spent, it's just not worth it to me. I've always loved Eastside Marketplace and had to make a trip to the Providence area today so I thought what the heck I will run through Eastside Marketplace and see if there is anything new and exciting...well there sure was...I found the cheapest chicken in Rhode Island at Eastside! Our family eats a ton of chicken, even my picky eater will eat chicken! We eat loads of baked chicken...and basically chicken everything. The whole chickens at Eastside are just $4 dollars and change and pretty darn close to organic. I bought a half dozen chickens to throw in our deep freezer and the cashier was so sweet and even gave me packed ice for my ride back to East Greenwich to keep the chickens chilled! Awesome. 🐓🐔🐓🐔

SOLD! Camp Cornell will be back!

Quote for the day... Amen Ya'll